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What You Should Know When Designing An Office Space?

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Designing an office space is a far cry from designing houses and other types of buildings and spaces. Many factors like the particular furniture type to the lighting, play a major role in the entire equation.

The amount of natural light present is by far the most important factor required for the efficient running of an office. Having natural lighting is much more cost effective, makes it easier for a person to see and is much more beneficial for a person’s eyes than artificial light. Long exposure to fluorescent lighting has been confirmed as a reason behind the straining of eyes, frequent headaches and is known to give certain individuals a feeling of confinement. Research has also proven that the usage of natural lighting stimulates an individual to be more efficient and alert during the course of the day allowing them to have a greater focus on tasks than when individuals are subjected to fluorescent lighting. For office spaces that are on high floors a good idea would be the use of glass panels that can offer a great level of strength against the external elements while also allowing plenty of light in to the work space. This allows you to also have plants and other greenery inside the office, giving your office a bright space in the process.

This is a practice that has been adopted by both small start ups as well as major corporations. If you own a ground space with a garden area, you should consider hiring the services of a landscaper to do the essential landscaping and turn the space in to something presentable. Having an untidy garden space can put potential client off of doing business with that particular as the general assumption would be that it is a mess of a company with no game plan.

You can also hire an interior designer to help you design the interior of your office. Be warned though, this can be a costly task and if you feel like it is too much for your available resources, you can do some research by yourself on the internet and come up with a suitable design that appeals to you and suits the image of the company. The add advantage of this is that you have the chance to also come up with an interior design that is unique in its style.

Make efforts to ensure that there is sufficient spacing between workstations so that employees can walk freely without any hindrance. This can be a great help during emergencies as it would allow individuals to quickly exit the building without being hindered.

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