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Swen Wannemaker

Ways To Make Good Use Of Your Backyard

Home Improvements

Your backyard can be used for many advantageous things, rather than just leaving it to be a regular, boring backyard. Your backyard is ideal for a family hang out place. It’s better if you divide your backyard in to different zones: for cooking / for the barbecue, dining and lounging . Be smart when installing lightning to your back yard. The right lighting will give your backyard a spacious look. Don’t forget to add lightning by the grill, near your plants, etc. Stick to the same design used indoors for your outdoors. Try your best to avoid the packed up feeling in your small backyard by not using bulky furniture and don’t grow big trees. One of the good things about a small backyard that can be easily cleaned.

Things to know before building a swimming pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard will come in handy, especially during summer. Who wouldn’t like to have a happening pool party but building a swimming pool isn’t an easy task because it will cost a lot and it is a good investment. Swimming pools can be made from concrete, fiberglass or even vinyl and also pay attention to the deck maintainence in Sydney, even if your deck is made of wood, concrete or tiles and rejuvenate your deck, when needed. Don’t forget to do good research about the pool cleaning system, filtering system and also consider about the finishing touches. It’s very important to hire a well experienced pool builder.

Decide on the shape of the pool; if you want to go for a classic look, go for a rectangular shape but if you want a natural look, go for a free shaped pool. The shape of your pool should match your lifestyle, if you want a satisfying finishing.The climate of your area also affects your swimming pool. Building a swimming pool will cost a fortune so set your budget and think about the maintenance cost of your swimming pool. Buy all the swimming pool accessories such as pool covers, life saving equipment, toys, filters,etc.

Safety precautions when using your swimming pool

Having a swimming pool can be fun but it also comes along with the list of dangers. Knowing how to swim, is a must and if you have children, don’t let your children in to the pool without adult supervision. Prevent entering into the pool, if you have consumed alcohol or if you are on drugs because you will lack coordination and reflexes, when drunk increasing the risk of drowning. Don’t swim alone, even if you’re a good swimmer. Don’t be in your pool during a thunderstorm because being in water increases the chances of drowning. It’s always better to have flotation devices such as floating mattresses, life jackets, etc, just in case. Build a pool fence, if you have children in your house to keep them away from the swimming pool.

Swen Wannemaker

Renovating Your Garage

Home Improvements

Has your home garage been collecting odds and ends for years on end now? Are there piles of old sports equipment, boxes of old school supplies and various tools piled up on top of each other in there? Are you running out of space in which to safely park your car? Then perhaps it is time to renovate and reorganize your home garage! Here’s how you could get started.

Start decluttering

Start by moving everything out of your garage. Clear your yard and slowly carry out every last box, nail and paint can that you have stored in there over the years. Once you have taken everything out you will need to sort through the items to see what you will have to keep and what items you might be able to get rid of. For instance, all those rusty nails and expired paint cans will have to be disposed of. The old Christmas lights that no longer work and tricycle you rode when you were three can also go. You might be able to give away or donate some items – leave those aside and clearly mark them as to be donated. With the items you decide to keep you will need to clearly label them and sort them into categories – for instance, tools, paints, nails and sports equipment.

Rearrange your garage

Once you have decluttered your garage, the next step would be to start rearranging your garage. Start by ensuring that you have enough light coming in – clean out the windows and if you have no windows or skylights consider adding them in. You also want your garage to be accessible so if you have a door that needs to be manually opened, consider installing roller blinds.

Not only will roller blinds make access easier and safer – as it is likely to keep burglars out! You can also consider adding in some open shelving and cupboards alongside one of the walls that will make storage easier and help keep things tidy.

Reorganize your garage

Now all that’s left to do is to reorganize all your items and move them back in! While shelves and cupboards will go a long way towards keeping things tidy, you might want to get yourself a series of clear boxes and some marking tape and markers to label them. Sort out all small items into boxes – you can get trays in which to keep things even more organized for instance you can have a box for all the nails and screws you might have and then organize them by size within the box. Have an allocated space for everything and label that space – it’ll help you put things back where they belong which will help keep things neat. Also if you have bicycles, consider hanging them on hooks off the wall – it will help you save space!