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How To Repair Vertical Blinds

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If you are familiar with the different parts of a vertical blind, carrying out blind repairs yourself can be relatively easy if you follow the basic steps. Tasks such as replacing broken vanes and fixing broken gaps in vanes are simple to do by yourself.

How To Replace A Broken Vane

Broken vanes are a common problem with vertical blinds, as it can be easy for the vanes to catch on items on the windowsill, as well as damage caused by children in the home or pets. If you decide to carry out your own blind repairs, replacing a broken vane is a simple task. If you did not purchase any spare vanes with the original blinds, these can be bought from hardware stores or stores specialising in blind parts and vertical blind cleaning products. The steps for replacing a broken vane are:

1. Begin by removing the broken vane by lifting it up to free it from the hook on the carrier. Bend the vane to release it from the carrier, and pull it out.

2. If your vertical blinds have fabric vanes, first detach the spacing chain connector and release the weight from the pocket. If your vanes are made from aluminium or vinyl, you should disconnect the tie down clip which holds the end of the spacing chain connector before you begin the process of removing the vane. 

3. Before installing the vane, ensure that it matches the other vanes on the blind and that the curve is the same. Hold the vane near the headrail and attach and lock it into the holder.

4. To install a fabric vane, you should push the vane weight back into the pocket, and ensure that you secure the spacing chain connector.

5. If you are installing aluminium or vinyl vanes when carrying out blind repairs, insert the chain into the hole of the replacement vane, and use a tape measure to ensure that the existing spacing is maintained.

How To Fix A Broken Gap

The strip on top of the gap over the edge of the vane is an area that can break easily. It is simple to carry out blind repairs for this issue by using a toothpick. The steps for repairing a broken gap in the vane are:

1. Begin by laying a toothpick over the gap and taping it down. Cut a hole in the tape to make an opening for the gap of the vane.

2. Alternatively, you can also punch a gap on the opposite end of the vane, then flip the vane and hang it from the new gap.

3. Blind repairs and vertical blind cleaning products companies also sell products cheaply known as vane savers, which can be used to fix a gap in the vane. This is either a plastic adhesive or metal spike which goes over the top of the vane. The spikes inside a vane saver allow it to attach firmly to the vane, making it an efficient product for vertical blind repairs in Gold Coast and fixing a gap in the vane.

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