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Changing the backsplash of your cooking area

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There are many who have concrete walls or plain painted walls in the backsplash area of their cooking area. This is one area that gathers dust, grime and moisture easily and the paint gets stained easily. The area soon looks ugly and lends a dirty and old look to one’s cooking area. If one is wondering how to give a fresh look to one’s cooking area without spending a ton of money, they can look at colorful tiles. Click the link to check it out.


Mosaic backsplash area

When you take a look at the several kitchen designs that are available in magazines and portals, you might decide on a mosaic backsplash as it looks colorful and is easy to clean and maintain. For these reasons, you need to look at the several design choices available in the market. The tile choices are several and one can decide on the color and pattern as per the overall décor or theme of their cooking area layout. You could opt for contrasting shades or colors and brighter patterns to offset the plain color of the walls. Many tiles are designed with center detailing and borders around them which are popular choices.

Keep it simple

When you are doing a mosaic backsplash for the first time, it is best not to select too complicated a design and stick to something that is simple. If you pile on a lot of colors and different tile types, it could add a cluttered look to your kitchen designs which is not desirable. To get started, the basic mosaic design should be sketched out and accordingly, the tiles need to be sourced.

How to get started

Those who are going to do the ground work and application of the tiles all by themselves need to pay close attention to the pavement of the tiles. Once the pattern is on paper, it is easier to follow at the time of executing the project. The colors that are touching each other need to be placed properly to ensure continuity of the effect. A thin border of grout is usually placed at the edges of the tiles which need to be done in a uniform manner to ensure that the end result looks good and flawless.

Get inspired

There are many backsplash design ideas to be found at the different forums on interior décor and home furnishing. These forums provide a variety of ideas on what to do with the backsplash area and how it can be redesigned. The inspiration for the same can come from magazines as well. However, finding an idea and the steps to execute the same will be beneficial for a homeowner who is trying to execute the project all by himself or herself.

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