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Timber, The Dream Material Of Every Carpenter


If you even mention the word “timber” to a quality carpenter, there is very good chance that you will see a smile on their face. Carpenters love to work with that particular wood and there are several reasons for that. It’s not just about material properties. Things made out of it just look good. Timber has generally been used for frames and roofs since the medieval times and it is still extremely popular among carpenters and customers alike. Timber suppliers still make a good business out of its popularity and that won’t change anytime soon. Wood will always have that certain style and natural quality that cannot be rivaled.

Aesthetic and physical properties
If we want to find a single reason why timber is so popular, we probably have to mention its texture first. Its famous structural quality makes it possible to use it as a perfect material in carpentry and more artistic types of woodworking. In an age where we can basically reproduce any color and give that color to any kind of wood flooring at affordable costs, this criterion won’t necessarily be important, however what will be, are the wood’s natural lines. The way timber grows gives it a special aesthetic uniqueness. Basically, each piece will have a unique aesthetic quality to it which is extremely important. The knots which show where the branches would have originally been – just add to this uniqueness, further increasing the special qualities of this beautiful and versatile wood.

Best wood as a construction material
Timber also has another huge advantage, is that it’s so easily worked. When it comes to constructions where they use wood this is an absolutely essential quality that cannot be underestimated. Although wood is also perfect for carving work, it is very different to stone in terms of the grain, which isn’t present with the stone, but it is absolutely present with the wood, changing the working process ever so slightly. The carver has to understand and respect this quality of the wood and if they do that, they can work wonders with it.

Material characteristics
To understand why solid timber flooring in Adelaide is such an effective material and why it offers a consistent flow of work for timber suppliers till this day, we have to understand its origins on a cellular level. Over the millennia, those trees evolved in a way that resulted in an extremely tough material that can actually rival medium strength steel when it comes to its relative strength, compared to its weight.

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