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The Many Types of Gardening Methods that is Present Today


There has been a steady increase in gardening as people have started realising the mental and physical benefits that is offered by the habit of keeping a garden. From growing your own produce to getting some time off and offering the earth some TLC, gardening has been known to soothe your body and mind. With the different types of lifestyles we lead, there is bound to be different types of gardening methods that sprout up too. Here are five contemporary methods of gardening that have become very popular in the past few years:

Raised Bed Gardening

This is typically done to ensure that people can still pursue the art of gardening even though to soil and earth conditions are less than ideal. Raised bed gardening makes it easy for garden maintenance as well as they are raised structures where the entirety of the growing process is controlled by the gardener. This means that the gardener has to check on the soil constantly and make sure that the plants are getting enough nutrients and sunlight as well as water. People grow decorative plants along with medicinal and edible plants even on hard surfaces such as concrete blocks thanks to raised bed gardening. Get to know more about the difference of commercial gardening right here

Water Gardening

This is a new type of gardening that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Not only does it look great in your backyard, it offers a variety of plants that can be grown in and around it. You don’t have the worry of lawn maintenance as well in this. You can keep it a simple as having a water tight container that includes few aquatic plants or you can go the whole nine yards with different filters, fountains and aquatic plants and animals. It is recommended to have both aquatic plants as well as ground plants to offer diversity and advantages to the garden. Many people have guppies, goldfish and mollies as well in the water garden to give it an aesthetic look.

Container gardening

This is a popular trend among those who live in high rise buildings and don’t have to space to have a garden. People living in apartments are the most common participants in this type of gardening. Container gardening allows the gardener to be in complete charge of every aspect that is needed for the plant’s growth and survival such as water, sunlight and soil nutrients. They can be nurtured inside the house during the winter months and are a great way to make sure of old containers and vessels as a recycling method. They can be arranged accordingly to their visual appeal and balance. Garden maintenance in Sydney is a piece of cake when it comes to this type.

Indoor gardening

This has been around for a while and with good reason. A lot of people prefer to keep potted plants in the house as it makes the home seem environmentally friendly as well as purify the air. It is also very easy to care for and give amateur gardeners the confidence to broaden their horizons.

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