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Hire The Best Commercial Painters – Here’s How



Commercial painters must be licensed practitioners. Here is a primer on what you need to know before you award a painter for painting program

Getting your office building painted is a time-consuming but necessary operation. On an average, you would need to get your office painted once every three years, depending on weather conditions in your area, and overall maintenance practices. But before you hire a contractor for the job, you must know if he or she has the right credentials to accept the contract.

What is the first step?

Before you hire a team of painters to spruce up your office, you must conduct a check of other works they have carried out in the area. Speak to owners of other businesses who may have hired the same contractor, and get their input on overall professionalism the contractor exhibited during the task. Also inquire about the rates the company paid that contractor to know if you are being overcharged.

Does the contractor need any documents and licenses?

Yes. The contractor must primarily work only with experienced commercial painters on their projects. Besides this, he or she must be licensed by the local municipal office.

Check to see which safety measures the contractor uses when assigning his or painter to the job. Are the painters supplied with safety gear? Do they wear helmets, goggles, boots and vests when they climb scaffolds? A good contractor will also provide insurance to all his commercial painters to offset injuries or fatalities resulting from mishaps on the site.

Further, have a discussion to see how the contractor will approach your job. If he or she simply takes one look and quotes a figure, hire another contractor. A standard practice is to measure the paintable surface, give the client options about paints and materials, have a discussion about colours, timelines and conditions under which the work will take place, and then provide a written estimate for the job. The contractor will begin to day-long preparatory work with an experienced painter to judge the extent and scope of the job.

The contractor must also give you a written warranty for at least a year after the job is complete. Just as every paint comes with a warranty period, so should the painting job. The contract you sign should also mention the terms under which the warranty will become void, i.e. Damage due to your negligence, unnatural weather conditions, natural disasters, etc.

What else must you do?

For your part, you must supervise the job independently and have any mistakes rectified on the spot. The contract you prepare must be strict on timelines and penalties levied in case the contractor defaults on any terms of the contract.

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