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How Modern Houses Look Bigger And Spacious?

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Modern day homes are bigger and spacious inside out compared to those built in yesteryears. It happens because today’s builders make efforts to create reality as well as illusions of more space in their designing homes. In fact, many people out there decide to do some residence renovation.

The definition of being spacious has changed from square footage to proper planning which is being adopted by new home builders. Some of the methods adopted by builders to make space bigger and spacious include: For more information about new home builders in Darwin, just go to this page.


Raised Ceilings:renovation

It might be referred as one of the best and highly used method to make a house look like a large one. Ceilings of modern homes have been raised to 9, 10, or even up to 12 to 15 feet. It makes a feel that the room is large.

Most of the houses today are double-height. Also, there are one-and-half height ceilings in one or at times in more than one room like family room or living room. This additional vertical height does make a huge difference.

Double Storey:

Higher ceilings complemented really well with a double storey house and a grand staircase which adds to the feeling of larger space.

The foremost advantage of double storey is that it adds to the total square footage which makes the space affordable.

Connected Together:

Another feature of modern day house designing is that there is a link which connects family room, kitchen and dining area together and there is no intervention of walls so it makes a house feel larger.

Using the same kind of material for walls, ceilings and floors not only inside but outside makes the feel of larger space.

Connecting interior space with exterior space does make a huge difference in making a small footprint look like a bigger one and if it is big then it gives a luxurious feel.

Additional Rooms:

Today more emphasize is placed on rooms that add to the space of the house by making it useful opposite to those traditional rarely used rooms like a formal dining room or living room etc. These rooms include a room off the bedroom such as sitting area, TV room, or office space etc. These rooms or spaces can be effectively used to organize family dinners or to spend family time together.

Double-Purpose Room:

Flexible rooms known as ‘flex’ rooms serves double purpose. It means that one room can be used in more than one purpose. For example TV room can also be used as kids’ play-zone or laundry room can be combined with crafts room.

Bigger Windows:

Windows of today’s home are bigger and better now. If they are properly placed then they attach the interiors to the exteriors and bring in natural light and air.

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