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Whether you are moving in your newly purchased home or looking to give a makeover to your existing home, it is the flooring that first comes to your mind. Many people skip this part of makeover, opting for more elaborate and time consuming painting exercise or changing the furniture. This is because changing the existing flooring of your house can cost you a fortune whether you go for hardwood or tiles. However, there is a very cost effective and efficient way to give a luxurious look and feel to any old flooring.

Luxury vinyl has emerged as the most popular flooring option among homeowners across the country in the last few years. Not only the flooring done with vinyl very affordable, it transforms the look of the flooring and you get appreciation and praise from your friends and neighbors for your great taste. If you think that this kind of flooring is dull and gives a cheap look, think again. Technology has evolved a great deal in recent times and the latest luxury vinyl is today considered a very resilient and attractive option for hardwood or tile when it comes to flooring.

Wide ranging options
Vinyl flooring in Adelaide is available in an array of colors and patterns to give a mesmerizing look and feel of either wood or tile. You can choose the color to perfectly match with the paint and furniture inside the room.

Easy to maintain
Cleaning these floors is child’s play as you can mop clean with a damp mop to remove all dirt and stains without any problem. These floors are also called no wax floors as they do not require wax to restore their shine.

Comfortable to walk upon
Vinyl plank floors with cushioned backing are perfect for rooms where family members spend a lot of time. It gives a nice and comfortable feeling when you walk upon such flooring in comparison to hardwood and tiles.

Easy installation
You would be surprised with the small amount of time professionals take to lay vinyl over your existing floor. They clean the floor and roll out this flooring in a few hours only.

Among all the benefits of luxury vinyl, it is their cost effectiveness that appeals to most homeowners. You can renovate your flooring with vinyl even when you have the tightest of budgets. The latest and very exciting addition to this type of flooring is vinyl plank flooring. Long sheets of vinyl planks are sold with adhesive on their back to be placed side by side to easily install them in any room. These planks give the appearance of wood though they are still very affordable.

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